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Thesis/Project proposals for students (INL)

Attachment: proposals_for_MS_thesis_INL

I’m a staff researcher working at INL, in the Microfabrication and Exploratory Nanotechnology group lead by prof. Joao Gaspar.
I’m a mechanical engineer, and my expertise is mainly on robotics and haptics. And this year I’m also going to start the PhD Program under the supervision of prof. Cabral.
Currently, I’m involved in a PT2020 project, called Product-In-Touch, whose the main objective is to define and exploit a paradigm to correlate the tactile sensation perceived by a customer to the physical characteristics during the exploration of the surfaces of a car dashboard.
Therefore, I’m writing, also on behalf of prof. Cabral, to propose three different topics as thesis or course project for all the interested students in different disciplines, such as electronics, mechatronics, informatics or computer science.
In attachment there is a document with a short description of each of them. The work-plan I’ve reported for each proposal is merely indicative but congruent with the level of the final results.

Eng. M.Sc. Mechanical Engineer
*Staff Researcher*
Micro and Nanofabrication Department
Microfabrication and Exploratory Nanotechnology
Av. Mestre José Veiga s/n
4715-330 Braga – Portugal
T: + 351 253 140 112 – (2123) <>

Proposta de Realização de Estágio (Águas do Norte)

Vimos por este meio propor a realização de um estágio a um aluno na área de Instrumentação e Automação.

O tema central do estágio é o desenvolvimento de Módulo de Hardware/Software com a função de interface entre um equipamento de instrumentação (Caudalímetro) e software de gestão localização na Cloud.

Contacto na empresa: Maurício Sampaio (m.sampaio@ADP.PT)

Rua Dom Pedro de Castro, n.º 1A | 5000-669 Vila Real | Portugal | Telefone: 259309370 (6930) | Fax: 259309371 |