Ph.D. position for Biomedical Engineering in Prof. Tao`s group

Anexo: Advertisement of USN in Norway for full-time PhD research position

The students that defend their thesis in September-October can apply to this offer without any problem. A candidate in this situation can be awarded with the offer: in this case the offer will be “conditional” depending on confirmation of grade A or B in final thesis presentation. For an outstanding student shall be no problem. The job starts immediately after thesis defense. We had cases like this before in Norway.

O doutoramento na Noruega é um contracto de trabalho normal com todos os beneficios sociais a que qualquer trabalhor tem direito. O Ph.D. são 3 anos e nos dois primeiros anos 40 000 coroas norueguesas (equivalente a quase 2 salários) são pagos com certeza pelo Estado ao doutorado depois de declaracao de IRS.

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